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How To Run The SS Slitting Machine Safety?


Before starting the ss coil slitting machine , inject different lubricants into each part that needs to be filled with lubricants according to the lubrication requirements. First check whether each electrical switch is in 0 position, then turn on the power.

1. Check whether each mechanical part and pneumatic system is normal, if there is any abnormality, it should be checked and eliminated in time, and check whether the transmission file position is correct or not, otherwise it will produce quality problems, so as not to cause accidents of mechanical equipment.

2. Whether the pressure gauge of the cutting machine reaches 0.5-0.7mpa, every morning at work first let the motor run empty for 2-3 minutes, transmission gear to 0, otherwise it can not be cut.

3. It is strictly prohibited to wear gloves on the machine, long-sleeved clothes must wear sleeves, long hair must wear a hat, the operator is not allowed to leave the machine tool when driving, are not allowed to do other unrelated things, pay attention to whether the welding mouth is normal.

4. When starting the rotating parts shall not be wiped, correctly adjust the mold, can not vigorously downward pressure, in place on the line.

If you find all kinds of abnormal phenomena during operation, such as smoke, burnt smell, fuse suddenly burnt out, indicator light suddenly off promptly turn off the power switch to be checked clearly, troubleshooting before starting the operation.

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