What are the high quality standards for slitting machines?


Today, in the process of slitting, the precision requirements for slitting machine equipment are getting higher and higher. If you want to meet the accuracy requirements, then you have to ensure good slitting quality. What can be called a good slitting quality?


Slitting quality not only ensures product accuracy, but also reduces tool wear and extends the service life of the coil slitting machine. In order to achieve this requirement, attention should be paid not only to the control of each gap, but also to the selection of a suitable platen at the cutting point. We know that the cutting resistance that occurs at the cutting point will cause the material to bend, twist and other deformations.


In addition, considering the slitting process of electric grade materials, it is also necessary to improve the cutting quality, safe production and reduce operating costs. In this case, it is necessary to match the slitting machine with a suitable knife holder. In the design of the knife holder, generally pay attention to be able to simply set the horizontal spacing and overlap amount.


In addition, during the operation of the slitting machine, it is possible to ensure that the slitting work is stable within the set limits. It is also necessary to adjust the horizontal position of the knife shaft accordingly. The amount of horizontal clearance can be set numerically at the operator panel and the lower shaft position can be monitored and adjusted in real time during operation to minimize changes in the amount of horizontal clearance due to expansion, etc.


Combined with the above introduction, it can be seen that during the operation of the high quality coil slitting machine, it is necessary to strictly control its slitting quality. Not only should attention be paid to reasonable operation, but also to the control of its various devices will affect the slitting quality and the shape of the finished roll. Especially for the knife shaft drive and control and the material speed control is very important.