What are the factors of bad cut of finished slitting machine?


How the slitting machine works is closely related to the slitting speed, but also has an important relationship with the actual slitting line quality. That is to say, under normal working conditions, the slitting machine slitting products cut quality is in line with the standard requirements. For your understanding, https://www.steel-slitting.com/ are going to introduce the specific slitting situation below.


The cut part of the finished slitting machine can be divided into four layers, the first layer is the indentation part, mainly refers to the upper and lower blades cut extrusion so that the raw material surface to produce a brighter part; the second layer is the cutting surface, mainly refers to the upper and lower blades stacked to form a smooth and neat section part; the third layer is the broken surface, refers to the upper and lower blades extrusion formed by the material fracture part.


The last layer refers to the burr on the surface of the finished product, often called the burr, which is the slight protrusion of the cut surface after the metal slitter slits and tears the cut surface. Usually, the shape of the finished cut is influenced by a number of factors. These include, for example, the specific properties of the material, tensile strength, tensile capacity, hardness, and the amount of horizontal clearance and vertical stacking selected for the heat treatment state.


It is important to note that in the process of slitting with slitting machine line, if the separator part is worn out, or if the tension is relatively high, then it is likely that some poor quality of the cut will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to these problems in the production process.

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