What are the advantages of the digital development of Slitting Machine?


Many different packaging materials, in the processing and processing of packaging materials part, during the need to pass through many processing procedures, one of which is the slitting part.

In this process, it is necessary to use the slitting machine equipment to deal with, and in the cutting processing, you can choose different methods to meet the different requirements.


In terms of the current situation, the more commonly used slitting machine equipment cutting processing methods can be divided into three different categories, the first is in the process side information, composite film for data processing; the second is to cut the wide rollers into narrower scales of multi-volume data; the third is to cut some large diameter data into a number of small diameter data.

Of course, these three different approaches are still mixed in some cases to deploy the application, or alone, in order to meet the corresponding skill objectives and quality requirements and scale requirements, etc..

Therefore, in the purchase of coil process equipment, it is necessary to consider two elements, one is the operating power, the other is the economic function.


Now the slitting machine equipment packaging skills and packaging grade in continuous progress. At the same time, the requirements put forward by the packaging market are becoming more and more stringent. With the development of the market, our requirements on the functional quality of equipment and other aspects will continue to rise. So, in order to cope with such a future trend, the


KINGREAL believes that the digital development of slitting machine equipment is a very good direction, which will significantly improve the use of equipment functions.

Of course, in the future, the automation of the slitting machine equipment is also believed to have a certain degree of improvement. In this way, together with the high-precision tool products also brought a wide space for development.\

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