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How to install the splitter correctly and what is the structure of the splitter

The loading problem brings a certain loss to the production efficiency. The following Xiaobian will explain the installation steps and tape scuttling machine.

Installation steps of belt slicer:
1. When pressing down the base of the machine base, first use the gasket to keep it level. The unevenness deviation in each direction shall not be greater than 0.1mm per meter. After leveling the base, a grout is carried out. After the machine is completely dry, it must be installed and adjusted. Tighten the anchor bolts.

2. During installation and disassembly, when lifting the work roll and precision machined parts, the wire rope shall not directly contact the machined surface, and the felt pad shall be paved to avoid scratches.

3. During installation, all contact surface seals and bolted connection surfaces should be coated with thin grease.

4. Tighten all fastening bolts and anchor bolts symmetrically.   The type of the stripe machine can be divided into two categories

1. Parallel blade shear machine. The two blades of the shears are parallel. It is commonly used for cutting fledgling billets (square slabs) and other squares crosswise. Billets with rectangular sections are also known as billet shears. Such shears sometimes use two forming blades to cold shear rolled parts (such as round pipe billets and small round steel, etc.). At this point, the shape of the blade ADAPTS to the shape of the section of the cutting rolled part.

2. Inclined blade shearing machine. The two blades of the shears, the upper blade slanted and the lower blade horizontal, form an angular position with each other. The incline of the upper blade is 1° to 6°. The shearing machine is often used for cold shear hot shear steel plate, strip steel, thin slab, welded pipe blank, etc. Sometimes it is also used to cut small pieces of steel into bundles.

When rolling the hollow window material, the head and tail of the strip are cut with the inclined blade shears (when the head and tail are not cut with the strip) and welded into the large coil strip.

The inclined blade shears incline the upper blade and level the lower blade in order to reduce the shear contact length with the shears, thus reducing the shear force, reducing the volume of the shears and simplifying the structure. The main parameters of inclined blade shears include: shear force. Blade inclination Angle. The length of the blade and the number of cuts. These parameters are determined according to the size and mechanical properties of the rolled parts.

Structure of slitting machine:

The equipment composition of longitudinal shear machine line generally includes: coiler, guide device, uncoiler tension device, cutting head scissors, feed table, looper, disk scissors, guide roller, machine drive roller, import clamping device, constant tension coiler, edge breaker, scrap truck, coiler, lining device, etc. The longitudinal shear line generally has the following forms.
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