What are the advantages of the Coil Slitting Machine?


Slitting machine is a kind of machine and equipment for longitudinal laser cutting of wide roll raw materials. We can start to grasp from the field of use.

Slitting machine structure:

It is a machine and equipment composed of decoiler, precise positioning of materials, slitting and rewinding, etc. Its key role is to cut the wide coil raw material into a narrow and certain standard waterproof coil in the length and short directions, so as to fully prepare for other production and processing processes in the future.

Advantages of slitting machine:

Reasonable layout, fast actual operation, high level of automation technology, high production efficiency, high precision in work, can produce and process various cold-rolled, hot-rolled sheet, silicon steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, color steel sheets, aluminum alloy plate and various metal plates after electroplating process or after spraying.

Application of slitting machine:

The principle of slitting machine is widely used in the production and processing of metal sheets such as cars, agricultural tricycles, shipping containers, household appliances, packaging decorative building materials, etc.

The basic principle of constant tension sensor for the essence of the constant tension sensor in the whole process of elastic rolling, it is necessary to understand the change of the rolling diameter of the load during operation. 

Due to the change of the coil diameter, in order to better maintain the operation of the load, it is necessary for the split machine to change the output torque of the motor to follow the change of the coil diameter.

For the soft starter, since it can do torque control, it can control the rewinding and constant support force. Part of the calculation of the roll diameter is based on the tension controller, and naturally there is no problem to complete it with the PLC framework.

In other words, you can set the support force on the man-machine battle or text, calculate the necessary torque size of the motor output according to the PLC measurement of the coil diameter, and receive the torque output of the soft starter according to the analog input and output.

The calculation of the synchronous speed ratio is because we know that when the soft starter is working at a low frequency, the slitting machine communicates with multiple threads.