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  • KINGREAL middle-plate decoiler leveling feeder machine is suitable for stamping and leveling feeding of medium plate coils, with the advantages of high specific feeding accuracy and small cumulative error. As a professional manufacturer of feeder equipment, KINGREAL has more than 20 years of production and sales experience. Can provide customers with the best solution.

  • As a manufacturer in the field of automatic feeding machines, KINGREAL can provide thick plate decoiler straightener feeder 3 in 1 machine. The equipment is specially designed for materials with a thickness of 0.6-6mm. It has comprehensive functions and compact structure.

  • KINGREAL is a professional manufacturer in the field of stamping machinery and equipment in China, and can provide thick plate decoiler and straightener machine.This machine reduces material loops between decoiler and leveler processes, saving production space

  • KINGREAL can provide the combine decoiler and straightener machine, which can reduces the material loop between the uncoiling and leveling process. As a professional machinery manufacturer in China, KINGREAL is committed to providing customers with more design and innovative feeding machines.

  • KINGREAL MACHINERY is one of the most professional metal sheets forming machines supplier in China. we can provide whole auto feeder machine solution, such as combined decoiler straightener and feeder machine. This machine is specially designed for high-strength steel to increase the efficiency of the production line

Welcome to buy high quality 3In1Machine from our factory, KingReal as one of the 3In1Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, We can provide customers with a price list and provide you with affordable quotations.